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The primary objective of the Thesis studio is to create a space within which people can excavate and explore their curiosities, questions and interests and find their voice. Sometimes these questions begin with full-throated loud urgencies and other times they are whispers, hints of a fragile curiosity. It is essential that all are heard; we never know where the sparks of a new vision will emerge. The studio is grounded in creating an atmosphere…

Regional Building Group investigates the production of buildings which are specific to regional conditions. Today, the production of the built environment is governed by building codes, standardized products, and the opportunistic imperatives of financial flows. Yet our planet and our places remain vast and variable. Geography, climate, sociology, politics, and economics inform locally specific dynamics relevant to the production of buildings. …

Ongoing presentations from thesis section led by Hansy Better @hansybetter . Images 1-2 by Katharine Solien . Images 3-4 by Alexa Thorne . Images 5-6 by Reishan McIntosh . Images 7-8 by Jake Lefeber .

This thesis section explores the parallel interpretations of second nature: one is based on repetitive behavior in society, and the other on phenomena in the physical world. The first interpretation of second nature involves the everyday habits so deeply ingrained in our spatial memory that they appear automatic—as in opening a door, entering an elevator, or walking through a lobby. When these habits are repeated through collective action, they…

Revisionist history is no longer just an academic concept, it is a milieu, a culture, a contemporary way of life. It is materialized in tweets, photoshopped images, fake news, commissioned and decommissioned monuments, hearsay, reproductions, decoys, duplicates, facsimiles, forgeries, clones, reflections, and simulations of every kind. In his 1940 essay, “Theses on the Philosophy of History,” Walter Benjamin, a Frankfurt School philosopher and…

RISD Architecture Advanced Studio - Follow the Sun Pavilion Games of the XXXIV Olympiad Los Angeles, 2028 - Faculty: David Ross - Final Review Monday, May 18th 1-3:30pm - Guest Critics: Heather Flood – Chair, Woodbury University David Freeland – Partner, FreelandBuck Mira Henry – Co-Principal, Current Interests Maxi Spina – Co-Director, Spinagu - RISD Architecture’s Follow the Sun Pavilion Advanced Studio designed and developed a series of…

The Spring 2020 RISD Architecture & Brown University Advanced Studio “The End of Color” is a search for a deeper engagement with color in relation to architecture, embracing its inherent instability and spatiality. Students experimented with contemporary methods of modeling color and form so that they can be conceived, tested, and built simultaneously to each other. A set of nineteenth century precedent buildings served as a trove to uncover…

MODELS interrogates geometric and computational principles fundamental to digital modeling software. Throughout the course, students extract, manipulate, analyze, and animate digital information to produce both digital and physical artifacts. . MODELS (ARCH202G), taught by Nancy Nichols and Alexander Porter, final reviews from 1—6PM today 5/8/2020: https://risd.zoom.us/j/99638389282 . . . Animation excerpt by Tyler Lovejoy

The studio Other Modes is structured around the two most important tools of architectural practice: the ability to read space for the priorities of those who designed it and the ability to speculate about precise interventions that influence those priorities. Students have researched sites of conflict that they have selected and are proposing interventions that engage with political and social power structures on their site. . Advanced Studio,…

April 23 | Lecture | NOMA President Kimberly Dowdell: “Diverse City: How Equitable Design and Development Will Shape Urban Futures” "In her lecture, Dowdell, who has designed or managed over $100 million in assets in her work as an architect, real estate project manager, government staffer and developer, will draw on her varied experiences to discuss steps needed to create neighborhoods in which all people feel safe and empowered to build a…

If design is the negotiation of geometry, material, and context, then analysis is a form of speculative critique. Through a series of constructed drawings, students were asked to understand, represent, and reproduce a work of architectural significance through a highly detailed digital model from which were extracted plan, section and axonometric drawings of the whole and then, a fragment. Zooming in to a detail at 1:1, students then confronted…

At a moment when our cultural discourse is expounded through polarized media and heightened tribalism, we sampled from a series of architectural projects that were generated during the rise of ‘multiculturalism.’ Between Content and Container Vol. 3 examined the notion of architecture as the difference between ‘content’ and ‘container’. ‘Content’ was defined by a selection of architectural concepts that were carefully sampled, edited and…

Looking for something to watch online? We suggest the 2/27 Dread Scott talk at RISD called "Imagine a World without America," part of the graduate speaker series The Gradual Contemporary: Conversations on Contemporary Art

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RISD Architects Think Small: Five affordable, net-zero homes designed in a RISD studio are being built in Providence’s Olneyville neighborhood.The designs grew out of an advanced Architecture studio led by Professor Jonathan Knowles.

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“We hope to expand the understanding of [African] marketplaces beyond what is possible via Western architectural discourse....” --Assistant Professor Emanuel Admassu at the opening of the Two Markets Exhibition

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Design for the Green New Deal: Preserving coastal environments and combating sea-level rise are not only among the key calls to action proposed through the Green New Deal, they’re crucial for achieving a more sustainable—and frankly habitable—future.

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The Book of Thesis Books published by the RISD center for Arts & Language is available online. It categorizes exemplary Masters Thesis books into five categories: Academic Thesis, Monograph, Project Document, Mosaic Essay, and Artist's Book.

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Thanks to the efforts of graphic designer Andrew LeClair [RISD MFA, 2012], and faculty members Emanuel Admassu, Laura Briggs, Aaron Forrest and Carl Lostritto, RISD Architecture has a new visual identity. Inspired by the diversity of approaches and schools of thought within our department, rather than produce a logo, LeClair designed a mark-making tool. Now we have the potential to have as many RISD Architecture marks, as there are unique individuals and perspectives within the department. Stay tuned as we roll out marks by notable architects and educators from our lecture series, as well as renowned RISD Architecture Alumni.