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Jacqueline Shaw hosts William O'Brien Jr. for a Design Research Seed Fund table talk fireside chat followed by Other Masks Other Projects lecture.

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Exhibit by WOJR: Other Masks Other Projects

Mon Feb 17 - TBD

If design is the negotiation of geometry, material, and context, then analysis is a form of speculative critique. Through a series of constructed drawings, students were asked to understand, represent, and reproduce a work of architectural significance through a highly detailed digital model from which were extracted plan, section and axonometric drawings of the whole and then, a fragment. Zooming in to a detail at 1:1, students then confronted…

At a moment when our cultural discourse is expounded through polarized media and heightened tribalism, we sampled from a series of architectural projects that were generated during the rise of ‘multiculturalism.’ Between Content and Container Vol. 3 examined the notion of architecture as the difference between ‘content’ and ‘container’. ‘Content’ was defined by a selection of architectural concepts that were carefully sampled, edited and…

Architectural parts have been voided of their performative function in place of the highly maintained architectural interior of the post-capitalist city! Where vestigial organs are parts of the body that once had a function but are now more-or-less useless, vestigial architecture parts were once integral in orchestrating environmental and social conditions, evolving with the introduction of modern building systems into misused or nostalgic…

Seniors curated five exhibitions for the five weeks of Wintersession at the Bayard Ewing Building Gallery: . Week 1:ODD SUM (Images 1 & 2) Lilly Yi Qin Zhang, Cherry Yang, Wei Xiao, William Sun, Eleni Contis . As we enter the often dueling realms of professionalism and creative freedom, we seek to define ourselves holistically--not just as architects, but as thinkers, makers, and contributing members of our communities. . Week 2: re- un- in- de-…

#TBT to Spring 2018 Thesis Reviews as students work towards their final presentations in May.

“They were saying no to a world that was saying yes, buy more, spend more,” said Ms. Stein, the gallery owner [and director of the Boris Lurie Art Foundation]. “It was retaliation against the consumerism of the post-Second World War boom.” . . . This Fall 2019 RISD Architecture & Brown University Advanced Studio challenged students to develop architectural design proposals for a new Boris Lurie Artist Residence & Research Center in the suburban…

The Fall 2019 "all that is solid melts into air" studio brings to the table some computational strategies, techniques, media, and methods that are new, or new again, to the discipline of architecture. In the spirit that Marx quote, (later appropriated by Marshall Berman) this studio accepts the premise that computation and architecture are both intertwined and often at odds with each other. Time and space are reserved to nerd out about the craft…

Leveraging the infrastructure and elements of any/many books – summary, table of contents, citations, bibliography, index, and appendix – Thesis Discursive Workshop utilizes the Wintersession to hone students’ discursive skills so that they can choreograph a robust discussion around their work. They are not the book content itself, but organize, clarify, define, contextualize, reference, explore, test and push forward lines of inquiry in a format…

More from thesis prize winner Gabriel Ulpian Schmid: “Introducing a system that allows for a healthy increase in density through restricted floor plate widths and modular components, one can avoid a decrease in quality of life as the community grows.”

Undergraduate Thesis Prize winner Gabriel Ulpian Schmid’s thesis project is a system that, in his words, “can grow horizontally and vertically to accommodate civic program, and potentially transform cities in the Philippines through the blurring of architectural and social fault lines.” Gab’s thesis advisor was @eadmassu

Corey Weiss’ M.Arch thesis is titled, “a render to remember,” and predicts a new way of living in a location that historically resisted domestic inhabitation. Corey projects, with his characteristically wry humor, (or is he being serious?) a car-free utopia devoid of traffic, air pollution, and congestion, all exclusively consumable via the contemporary currency of the image. It’s hard to imagine a more Instagram-ready project. In these images we…

HeyYoung Lim’s directed research project began with the observation that, “Waste management systems operate almost with an invisible cloak…” She proceeded to design: an exposed AVAC System, a residential waste plant, open kitchen dining, and ore pillars. HeyYoung’s advisor during her year-long directed research project was Daniel Ibañez.

Looking for something to watch online? We suggest the 2/27 Dread Scott talk at RISD called "Imagine a World without America," part of the graduate speaker series The Gradual Contemporary: Conversations on Contemporary Art

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RISD Architects Think Small: Five affordable, net-zero homes designed in a RISD studio are being built in Providence’s Olneyville neighborhood.The designs grew out of an advanced Architecture studio led by Professor Jonathan Knowles.

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“We hope to expand the understanding of [African] marketplaces beyond what is possible via Western architectural discourse....” --Assistant Professor Emanuel Admassu at the opening of the Two Markets Exhibition

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Design for the Green New Deal: Preserving coastal environments and combating sea-level rise are not only among the key calls to action proposed through the Green New Deal, they’re crucial for achieving a more sustainable—and frankly habitable—future.

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The Book of Thesis Books published by the RISD center for Arts & Language is available online. It categorizes exemplary Masters Thesis books into five categories: Academic Thesis, Monograph, Project Document, Mosaic Essay, and Artist's Book.

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Thanks to the efforts of graphic designer Andrew LeClair [RISD MFA, 2012], and faculty members Emanuel Admassu, Laura Briggs, Aaron Forrest and Carl Lostritto, RISD Architecture has a new visual identity. Inspired by the diversity of approaches and schools of thought within our department, rather than produce a logo, LeClair designed a mark-making tool. Now we have the potential to have as many RISD Architecture marks, as there are unique individuals and perspectives within the department. Stay tuned as we roll out marks by notable architects and educators from our lecture series, as well as renowned RISD Architecture Alumni.