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Cultivating Just and Equitable Futures

“A kind of paradigm shift is occurring: we are perhaps now acceding to a new, invigorated sense of looking at the struggle over geography in interesting and imaginative ways.” —Edward Said, Culture and Imperialism

In September 2017, RISD President Rosanne Somerson initiated a campus-wide initiative on Social Equity and Inclusion. At RISD Architecture we believe that the discipline of architecture extends well beyond the building. We are educating more than architects, we are preparing students for a life as public intellectuals and spatial activists. The currency of space is inherently political, and our diverse student cohort explores how to leverage their spatial acumen inclusively and equitably.

The "Two Markets" exhibit captures some of the results of the inaugural Design Research Seed fund, which saw Professor Emanuel Admassu working with his practice, AD-WO, alongside grad student design researchers. The exhibit examines two urban marketplaces in sub-Saharan Africa: Kariakoo in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and Merkato in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. ... Two Markets, instead, proposes to analyze buildings and urban formations in their own mutable terms, giving equal importance to people, spaces, objects and rituals.

Advancing Analog and Digital Craft

Practicing Environmental Ethics

Building a Discursive Culture of Architecture

Disseminating Design Research

Innovating Pedagogical Practices

Mining the Core of the Discipline

Fabricating at One to One

Engaging Material Ecologies

Cultivating Just and Equitable Futures



Read about RISD COVID-19 planning for Fall 2020 on covid.risd.edu. All department courses are hybrid or online. More details and a letter from the Department Head have been posted here.