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Fabricating at One to One

“Academically driven design-build is an alternative—and even subversive—way to build, incorporating social needs, political will, and a novice yet ideological workforce…. Today’s design-build agent selectively engages high and low-tech means in the service of a bigger agenda, understanding architecture as a social production as much as a technological one.” —Jennifer Akerman, “Crafting Production”

Contemporary design-build is an unmediated form of practice, eschewing drawings, models, diagrams and all other forms of representation in service to the tectonic of the full-scale construction. This change to a less mediated process challenges our assumptions about the nature of practice and the generation of knowledge in the discipline. In turn, it also promises to engender greater capacity for testing, experimentation, and feedback. RISD Architecture is invested in the disciplinary knowledge that such testing, experimentation and feedback generates. Our students acquire this knowledge as they fabricate a variety of architectural projects, one to one.

Southlight Cultural Center design-build studio led by Aaron Forrest. Photo by Naho Kubota.

Advancing Analog and Digital Craft

Practicing Environmental Ethics

Building a Discursive Culture of Architecture

Disseminating Design Research

Innovating Pedagogical Practices

Mining the Core of the Discipline

Fabricating at One to One

Engaging Material Ecologies

Cultivating Just and Equitable Futures



Read about RISD COVID-19 planning for Fall 2020 on covid.risd.edu. All department courses are hybrid or online. More details and a letter from the Department Head have been posted here.