For Prospective Students: Graduate Architecture IN FOcus Event on 11/11

This IN FOcus event offers in depth dialogue with the Master of Architecture Graduate Program Director and current students. Prospective students will get a sense of the people, places and points of view that makes RISD one of the most widely respected graduate programs. The Provost, faculty, and currently enrolled students will offer a broad continue reading…

AIAS + Second-Hand Supply Store = Sustainable Studio Culture

This year our AIAS team kicked off the first second-hand supply store! After every academic year students from all years have a moment where they hold up their barely used ruler, and ask themselves, “do I need this anymore?” …followed by a smash in the trash can. Rhode Island School of Design collects a total continue reading…

Yitan Sun & Jianshi Wu Win eVolo Skyscraper Competition

Two recent RISD graduates earned first place in the eVolo Skyscraper Competition and sparked unusually active critical response to their fictional proposal. Like any project involving a beloved landmark, the proposal, New York Horizon, inspired a flurry of discourse around the reinterpretation of Central Park and the relationship between architecture and landscape. In its simplest form, New York Horizon continue reading…

Student Spotlight | Natasha Ruiz

Students at RISD take classes in departments other than their own.  RISD is full of the most talented students from across the globe, as well as professors.  Taking classes outside of a single department lets students take advantage of the wide range of skills and insights that can be learned from ones peers or mentors. continue reading…

Undergraduate Student Qi Guo Receives RISD Maharam Fellowship

Each summer selected students from Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) are awarded internship opportunities through the Maharam STEAM Fellowship in Applied Art and Design. Starting in 2012, the New York-based textile company Maharam agreed to generously fund these fellowship opportunities for RISD students through 2016. As a senior architecture student at RISD, Qi is well continue reading…

Student Spotlight | Nadine Zaza

Architects are artists too!! All architects need to practice their skills to stay on top of their game, and that includes continuing to learn and grow as an artist and designer throughout your schooling and career.  Students at RISD get a unique opportunity to learn and practice their craft with the best from around the continue reading…

Graduate Open House 3/14/16

9:15-45 SIGN IN at the department office | BEB 101 9:45 COFFEE with fellow prospective grads | 1st floor gallery, BEB MEET with Department Faculty, Department Head Laura Briggs, and, Graduate Program Director Hansy Better | Lecture Hall, BEB 106 10:00 FACULTY PRESENTATIONS | BEB 106 10:30 MEET with RISD Architecture Graduate Students | BEB continue reading…


Please join AIAS Thursday, November 19th, at AIA Rhode Island Gallery [158 Washington St] by 8pm. We will be participating in Gallery Night Providence, featuring the work from Making of Design Principles, Architectural Projections and Urban Design Principles.

ACE Mentoring

Once a week, high school students, college students and professionals in the fields of architecture, construction and engineering gather in the BEB for the ACE Mentoring program. This weekly activity is a great way for the high school students to reach out to these adults and ask for advice, learn about a new field, or continue reading…

ACE mentoring

Ace Mentoring – Weekly Update

This past week, the students took a field trip to Roger Williams University.  They learned a lot about what college life is about, and how architecture, construction management or engineering can make an interesting career!  They even had to opportunity to meet with a panel of current students and ask what ever questions they had. continue reading…

ACE mentoring

Where Is The Architecture Button

This past Friday, October 16th, Brown University featured “The Prototype,” an exhibition showcasing “the design process,” specifically geared around technology we use in our everyday lives. Work completed by Connie Wang, Hanson Cheng and Ana Christina Baquerizo during an Advanced Studio supervised by Nathan King, was selected to be part of the show.   “Where continue reading…

AIAS Leadership Announcement

With the support of a great team and faculty, the AIAS plans to make this academic year one to remember. Please welcome our new representatives: Graduate President: Ariel Resnick (M.Arch 16) Undergraduate President: Hansen Cheng (B.Arch 16) Graduate Vice President: Rahul Ghera (M.Arch 17) Undergraduate Vice President: Cara Sy (B.Arch 18) Secretary: Ian Theriault-Shay (B.Arch continue reading…


Grad Open House: March 16

Rhode Island School of Design, Master of Architecture Open House: March 16, 2015. For questions or more information contact the Architecture Department front office at or call 401-454-6281. 9:15 AM: Sign-In + Grab a coffee BEB Main Office, Room 101 then Coffee with other prospective grads in the BEB Gallery 9:45 AM: Meet Dept. continue reading…

Prospective Graduate Student Information Programs

IN FOcus Our IN FOcus events offer an overview of graduate education at RISD and an up-close look at specific programs of interest. The Dean of Graduate Studies, faculty and currently enrolled students will offer a broad view of our graduate learning community at RISD. Staff from Student Financial Services and the Admissions Office will continue reading…

Student Interview Series: Nicole Marple

RISD AIAS recently conducted the second interview of this ongoing series by speaking with recent alumna Nicole Marple (M.Arch, 2014). Nicole completed her undergraduate degree in architecture at University at Buffalo, The State University of New York. AIAS: How does your undergraduate experience differ from the RISD experience? NM: RISD is unique as a grad continue reading…

student interview

Interview Series: Nicole Wiznizter

RISD AIAS has started to conduct and publish a series of interviews of our peer RISD architecture students and recent alumni. The following is the first such interview. Nicole Wiznitzer is graduated in 2014 with degree of Bachelors of Architecture at Rhode Island School of Design. Originally from Northbrook, IL, Nicole developed a strong passion continue reading…

student interview

Architects in the Sun

We opened the 2014-2015 academic year here at the BEB with a gallery show displaying students summer work. Architects in The Sun served as the first annual summer showcase of work featuring both graduate and undergraduate student experiences. The 8.5”x11” compositions were up to the individual and there were no restrictions on the type of continue reading…

Master of Architecture 2014 Open House

On Monday March 17, the Architecture Department welcomes admitted students to RISD for a day of introductions to our current students, faculty, staff, facilities, and curriculum. The day begins at 9:15 in the Bayard Ewing Building (more commonly referred to as the “BEB”) at 231 South Main Street, Providence, RI. Read on for the full continue reading…

Deborah Berke : Interview

Deborah Berke Partners is an architecture and interior design firm started by RISD alumna Deborah Berke in 1982. The New York based firm’s projects include everything from custom furniture to master planning: residences, hotels, public buildings, facilities for the arts, and academia. Regardless of the program, the firm pursues a “knowing simplicity” in the design continue reading…

Aziz Alhumaidhi : Interview

This alumni interview was conducted in November 2013 by Chris E. Ardoin (M.Arch 2014). Aziz Alhumaidhi graduated with Bachelor degrees in Fine Arts & Architecture in 2002, in this interview he shares his experiences at risd as well as his current work post-graduation. C: What has changed since you were at risd? A: A great deal continue reading…

Mentoring Opportunity Builds Design Interest among High School Students

Each year Jim Barnes and a few RISD grad students work with local high school students as mentors in the Rhode Island ACE Mentoring Program. ACE is a unique partnership among industry professionals — architects, engineers, construction managers, college and university representatives, and other professionals from related corporations and professional organizations — who work together to continue reading…

ACE mentoring

Architecture Students Show Work in Complexity Exhibition at RISD Museum

Complex Systems Theory, or Complexity for short, is an interdisciplinary science which examines the emergence of sophisticated networks from combinations of elements following simple rules. Spanning fields as diverse as economics, genetics, computer science, and ecology, the revelations in this area have been so vital that renowned physicist Stephen Hawking has remarked “The next century will be continue reading…

Alumnus Alex Diaz at MoMA Art Book Fair

MoMA PS 1 Art Book Fair is the largest graphic design event to date. The fair stands as a symposium for book makers, publishers, and designers to display the newest trends in print and (some) digital mediums. This year Alex Diaz (M.Arch 2013) is collaborating with The Manila Review and Office of Culture and Design continue reading…

Alumni-led firm, NADAAA, receives 60th Annual Progressive Architecture Award

NADAAA receives 60th Annual Progressive Architecture Award for Dortoir Familial residence located in Ramatuelle, France. The project was conceived as a central gathering space for a displaced, multicultural extended family, residence that can house between five and 22 people in a flexible dormitory setup. Principal-in-charge:   Nader Tehrani (B.Arch 1986) Project Manager:   Harry Lowd (M.Arch 2003) Local Consultants: continue reading…

Rahoul Singh (RISD Architecture Alumni)

Rahoul Singh earned his degree in both architecture and in the fine arts at RISD, where his field of concentration was the History, Theory and Criticism of Art and Architecture.  He is a visiting faculty in the departments of architecture and urban planning at the School of Planning and Architecture in New Delhi and divides continue reading…

Lisa Moffitt (M.Arch 2005) Interview

This alumni interview was conducted in February 2013 by Camila A. Morales (M.Arch 2013). Lisa Moffitt graduated from the Masters of Architecture program in 2005, in this interview she shares her experiences at risd as well as her current work post-graduation. C:What has changed since you were at risd? L: This is a hard question continue reading…

Greg Nemes (M.Arch 2012) Interview

This alumni interview was conducted in November 2012 by Camila A. Morales (M.Arch 2013). Greg Nemes graduated from the Masters of Architecture program in June 2012, in this interview he shares his experiences at risd as well as his current work post-graduation. C What has changed while you were at RISD? G My thoughts on continue reading…

Popup Alumni club

Chris Bardt, Graduate Director and Kyna Leski, Dept. Head are here in Hong Kong to serve as external examiners at the Architecture School at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), where Patrick Hwang, (Arch ’98) is faculty. There is a vibrant presence of RISD alums from the Architecture Dept. and ID here in Hong continue reading…

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Nicole Marple,, 2014 M.Arch
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Feijiao Huo,, 2015 M.Arch
Julian Uribe,, 2015 M.Arch
Malcolm Rio,, 2015 M.Arch
Natalie Kruch,, 2015 M.Arch
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Brandon Wang,, 2016 B.Arch
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Christopher Beck,, 2016 M.Arch

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