AIAS Leadership Announcement

By Rahul Ghera | Oct 15, 2015

With the support of a great team and faculty, the AIAS plans to make this academic year one to remember. Please welcome our new representatives:

Graduate President: Ariel Resnick (M.Arch 16)

Undergraduate President: Hansen Cheng (B.Arch 16)

Graduate Vice President: Rahul Ghera (M.Arch 17)

Undergraduate Vice President: Cara Sy (B.Arch 18)

Secretary: Ian Theriault-Shay (B.Arch 16)

Treasurer: Sarp Arditi (B.Arch 17)

Making of Design Principles Rep.: Aislin Mac Donald (M.Arch 18)

Advanced Studio Rep.: Tai Shaw (B.Arch 17)

Thesis Rep.: Kathryn Hobert (M.Arch 16)


Things to look out for:

CLOG Lecture & Workshop


Spring Semester:

RISD’s first BEAUX ARTS BALL. Stay tuned.



By Graham Rice | Apr 12, 2017

    @Hotel Renaissance, 5 Avenue of The Arts, Providence, RI Tickets are $15 for AIAS members and $20 non-members

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The RISD American Institute of Architecture Student is an independant organization representing architecture students at the Rhode Island School of Design.

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Upcoming Meeting

Tuesday, October 13th, 2015 6:30pm room 106 BEB

Student Websites

Hanson Cheng,, 2016 B.Arch,
Rakhshaan Qazi,, B.Arch 2016,
Taryn Sabia,, 2006 M.Arch
William Kimmerle,, 2011 M.Arch
Alyssa M. Saltzgaber,, 2012 B.Arch
Alex Diaz,, 2013 M.Arch
Beau Johnson,, 2013 M.Arch
Burgess Voshell,, 2013 M.Arch
Camila Morales,, 2013 M.Arch
Dan Laster,, 2013 M.Arch
Eugenia Yu,, 2013 M.Arch
J. Harley Nalley,, 2013 M.Arch
Jim Bogle,, 2013 M.Arch
Kyle Kiser,, 2013 M.Arch
Maxwell Dehne,, 2013 M.Arch
Royce Bixby,, 2013 M.Arch
Adria Boynton,, 2014 B.Arch
John Mars,, 2014 B.Arch
Nathaniel Vice,, 2014 B.Arch
Nicole Wiznitzer,, 2014 B.Arch
Peeraya Suphasidh,, 2014 B.Arch
Sonny Lee,, 2014 B.Arch
Nicole Marple,, 2014 M.Arch
Lucy Siyao Liu,, 2015 B.Arch
Matthew Bohne,, 2015 B.Arch
Matthew Solomon,, 2015 B.Arch
Timothy Dobday,, 2015 B.Arch
Emily Yen, , 2015 M.Arch
Feijiao Huo,, 2015 M.Arch
Julian Uribe,, 2015 M.Arch
Malcolm Rio,, 2015 M.Arch
Natalie Kruch,, 2015 M.Arch
Rory Stevens,, 2015 M.Arch
Sina Almassi,, 2015 M.Arch
Brandon Wang,, 2016 B.Arch
Xinru Liu,, 2016 B.Arch
Christopher Beck,, 2016 M.Arch

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