Master of Architecture 2014 Open House

By Chris Bardt | Mar 12, 2014

On Monday March 17, the Architecture Department welcomes admitted students to RISD for a day of introductions to our current students, faculty, staff, facilities, and curriculum. The day begins at 9:15 in the Bayard Ewing Building (more commonly referred to as the “BEB”) at 231 South Main Street, Providence, RI. Read on for the full schedule, or download it here (as a PDF).

9:15 AM Sign-In + grab a coffee
Sign in at the BEB main office, room 101, coffee with other prospective grads in the gallery.

9:45 AM Meet Dept. Head + Graduate Program Director
Meet Laura Briggs, Department Head, and Christopher Bardt, Graduate Program Director in the Lecture Hall, room 106

10:00 AM Faculty Presentations
room 106

10:30 AM Meeting with current graduate students
room 106

11:30 AM Visit the Material Resource Library
Review of Material Resource Center by Mark Pompelia

11:45 AM Buffet lunch in the Fleet Library
Picture Collection, room 207

1:00 PM Tour of the RISD Museum of Art Tour of Prints and Drawings Collection. Meet at the Farago Entrance, 224 Benefit Street, Providence, RI

1:30 PM Tour of the RISD Campus
Graduate liaisons lead tour of campus including BEB shops and studios

3:00 PM Studio Critiques BEB 2nd floor, 3rd floor and 4th floor studios and classrooms

3:45 PM Visit the Solar Decathlon Warehouse
(optional) depart for tour of off site solar decathlon house construction lab

5:00 PM Reception
with other prospective architecture graduate students, current grad students and faculty in BEB Gallery

6:30 PM Architecture Lecture Series: Julie Moskovitz
Outtakes from “the Greenest Home” followed by panel discussion (more info…) and gallery opening (more info…)


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Upcoming Meeting

Tuesday, October 13th, 2015 6:30pm room 106 BEB

Student Websites

Hanson Cheng,, 2016 B.Arch,
Rakhshaan Qazi,, B.Arch 2016,
Sophie Chien (B.Arch 2020) Selected as a Maharam STEAM Fellow,
Sophie Chen will join the 2017 Maharam STEAM Fellows who are working in arenas not typically associated with art and design students and have the opportunity to effect real change in policy and practice in local and global organizations and communities. Her own work will take place at Providence City Hall in the Mayor’s Center for City Services. She says her work there will apply design thinking to the bureaucratic structure of municipal government, breaking down the “you gotta know a guy” culture and redefine internal silos in order to make city hall more equitable and efficient for constituents and stakeholders. Sophie plans to use her time working for city hall to build her experience in government, where she hopes to practice after graduating from RISD. Her goal in government is to restore trust in public institutions at a time when that trust seems to have disappeared. Using her belief in transparency and her ability to communicate data visually, she hopes to reaffirm the responsive and accessible capability of local government. Sophie will begin writing a blog this summer where you can follow her work at City Hall and the work of other Maharam Fellows. Find out more here.
Taryn Sabia,, 2006 M.Arch
William Kimmerle,, 2011 M.Arch
Alyssa M. Saltzgaber,, 2012 B.Arch
Alex Diaz,, 2013 M.Arch
Beau Johnson,, 2013 M.Arch
Burgess Voshell,, 2013 M.Arch
Camila Morales,, 2013 M.Arch
Dan Laster,, 2013 M.Arch
Eugenia Yu,, 2013 M.Arch
J. Harley Nalley,, 2013 M.Arch
Jim Bogle,, 2013 M.Arch
Kyle Kiser,, 2013 M.Arch
Maxwell Dehne,, 2013 M.Arch
Royce Bixby,, 2013 M.Arch
Adria Boynton,, 2014 B.Arch
John Mars,, 2014 B.Arch
Nathaniel Vice,, 2014 B.Arch
Nicole Wiznitzer,, 2014 B.Arch
Peeraya Suphasidh,, 2014 B.Arch
Sonny Lee,, 2014 B.Arch
Nicole Marple,, 2014 M.Arch
Lucy Siyao Liu,, 2015 B.Arch
Matthew Bohne,, 2015 B.Arch
Matthew Solomon,, 2015 B.Arch
Timothy Dobday,, 2015 B.Arch
Emily Yen, , 2015 M.Arch
Feijiao Huo,, 2015 M.Arch
Julian Uribe,, 2015 M.Arch
Malcolm Rio,, 2015 M.Arch
Natalie Kruch,, 2015 M.Arch
Rory Stevens,, 2015 M.Arch
Sina Almassi,, 2015 M.Arch
Brandon Wang,, 2016 B.Arch
Xinru Liu,, 2016 B.Arch
Christopher Beck,, 2016 M.Arch

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