Code Studio Formed

By Carl Lostritto | Dec 14, 2013

Architecture faculty member Carl Lostritto along with Graphic Design faculty Clement Valla have recently led the formation of Code Studio, a cross disciplinary group aimed at furthering computational research, scholarship, and education at RISD. The group, which is made up of faculty and students across the Design+Architecture, Fine Arts, and Graduate Studies divisions, treats computing similar to the way artists and designers treat drawing: inherently cross-disciplinary and a foundational medium for thinking and making.

The Code Studio mission statement, which like every aspect of Code Studio is a work in progress, further elucidates what’s important to it’s members.

Our agenda is technical, critical, and cultural. We facilitate the learning and practice of computer programming by building and nurturing skills and knowledge. This includes writing in the languages of programming (coding), programming concepts and strategies, and the exploration of the implications computation has on how we learn, make, and perceive art and design.

We acknowledge and embrace the fact that computing does not begin nor end with programming. Although we delve deeply into programming as a craft, we also aim to further visual computing, computing by drawing, and the capacity of the human mind, eye and hand to compute….

Over the course of the Fall semester, the Code Studio gradually grew into being by first supporting and supplementing RISD courses within which coding is a central component.

After settling into a semi-permanent home at the Center for Integrative Technologies (CIT), the Code Studio hosted it’s inaugural guest lecturer, Darius Kazemi (Tiny Subversions)  in November.


In the Spring, the Code Studio will be embarking on a event series and corresponding community-authored publication supported by the RISD 2050 Fund. Lostritto’s Spring Advanced Studio, Computing Drawing Space, will operate in concert with the Code Studio.

Spring 2017 Events

  • February 23, 6:30 PM Brett Schneider, Guy Nordenson and Associates & RISD Architecture
  • March 2, 6:30 PM at RISD Auditorium Petra Blaisse, Inside Outside, Hosted with INTAR, Textiles, RISD Museum
  • February 27, 6:30 PM Jeanette Kuo, Karamuk*Kuo
  • March 13, 6:30 PM Allan Wexler, Allan Wexler Studio, Hosted with ID
  • March 16, 6:30 PM Jarrett Walker, Jarrett Walker + Associates
  • April 3, 6:30 PM Kunle Adeyemi, NLÉ, Yoder Lecture
  • April 24, 6:30 PM Nader & Katie Faulkner, NADAAA, Shoemaker Lecture
  • May 11, 6:30 PM Shumi Bose, Central Saint Martins & Architectural Association

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