Scales of operation in the waterfront: the Brooklyn Navy Yard Studio

By Enrique Martinez | Nov 07, 2012

The studio is focusing on the Brooklyn Navy Yard (BNY), a 300-acre area on the Brooklyn waterfront right across from lower Manhattan. The history of the BNY,since its early beginnings as a shipbuilding facility for the US Navy in the early 1800s, has always been linked to New York’s economic development. Through periods of great prosperity and rapid decline, the Yard has always reinvented itself and has remained an area of significant importance for Brooklyn and the region.

Today, there are a number of plans and initiatives to transform the site in different ways. Under the Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation, it will become a model project of an innovation hub for new industry in New York City. This site has been supported by the current Mayor and other local political figures as one of the keystone elements for local and regional economic development and the testing and evaluation of new sustainable practices.

Advanced Studio; Brooklyn Navy Yard

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